Every week, we welcome on-screen Mom characters and families into our living rooms, as we religiously watch our favorite sitcom on TV. We become so familiar with these families and their houses it almost feels like they’re our friends or even next-door neighbors. Have you ever wondered what it would actually cost for you to LIVE in one of these TV Mom’s houses or neighborhoods?

Well our friends over at Trulia wondered just that, and created a super fun infographic to give you an idea of how much it would cost to live in one of these famous homes. Not a surprise that half of these houses are in Los Angeles–including Mrs Brady’s from “The Brady Bunch” and Mrs Dunphy’s from “Modern Family”!



Want to know what the LA based TV homes look like in real life? We did some digging…


The Brady Bunch Home in North Hollywood.

The Bradey Bunch House

The Modern Family Home in West LA.

Modern Family Home

And the biggest/most expensive for last (5.8M!)…The O.C. Mansion in Malibu.

The O.C. House

To find the full article on Trulia’s site, click here!




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