South Pasadena Office

The Rental Girl has officially opened our doors to a second, brand new location in South Pasadena! We’re in LOVE with the space and so excited to expand and meet new clients in the area!

We are having our official Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony tomorrow, 5/12 from 5-8pm, with drinks, giveaways and merriment. You’ll have the opportunity to check out the new office and meet all The Rental Girls! The South Pasadena Farmer’s Market will be going on across the street, so you can grab some delicious food while you’re here too. TONS happening…it’s guaranteed to be a fun night!

Check out the Facebook event here…we can’t wait to see you all there!

The Rental Girl South Pasadena 

956 Mission Street

Grand Opening Ceremony

5/12 5-8PM

southpasadena, therentalgirll


New Year with New Opportunities!

The Rental Girl is recruiting sales and leasing agents to join our growing team! We’re looking to expand and recruit experienced agents in the following areas:


Beverly Hills

South Bay

The Valley


  • C.A Licensed Agent
  • 1-2 years leasing/sales experience minimum
  • Full time (6 days a week) availability
  • Must live in one of the above neighborhoods

If you’re interested and think you’d be a great addition to The Rental Girl team, send your resume to

Best of luck and we look forward to meeting you!



So it’s almost a new year, and you’re ready to say goodbye to your renting days and hello to homeowner haven. But where do you begin? That part can be daunting and confusing, so we’ve compiled these Top 10 Tips to help make your first-time home buying process a smooth and successful one:

  1. Know your needs
    First examine your lifestyle, and figure out what type of locale you see yourself settling in. Urban, suburban, rural? Urban areas often provide great social, cultural and career opportunities, within a bustling city backdrop. Perhaps you’d prefer a rural landscape, with more privacy and space to roam the outdoors? Or maybe a suburban city would be ideal to raise a family and connect with your local community? Think about the lifestyle you’d like to make a home in, and narrow down which neighborhoods you’d like to consider. Drive around and visit those neighborhoods at various times of the day/week…explore nearby grocery stores, schools, talk to the neighbors. Know your needs and do your research.
  2. Know what you can afford
    To make your search most effective, carefully examine your budget and what you can afford. There’s more to consider than just monthly payments: utilities, property taxes, homeowners insurance fees, homeowners association fees (if applicable), repairs, maintenance…it all adds up so be sure to account for all costs before deciding if becoming a homeowner is right for you.
  3. Identify your potential downpayment
    Do you have 20% of your target purchase price available for a downpayment? That’s often considered the industry norm, but there are other options available. There are a variety of loan programs for various credit levels, for those who cannot afford a significant downpayment. Some mortgage programs have loans that offer a 3.5% or even zero downpayment option for veterans and active military. It’s important to note, however, that most loans that offer less than 20% down have additional insurance premiums that will add to the monthly payment.
  4. Find a local Buyer’s Agent
    A Buyer’s Agent (or Buyer’s Broker) represents the buyer’s needs and helps you locate the property that best fits your what you’re looking for. It’s best to find a local agent who has extensive experience in that neighborhood–that way they have insight into local taxes, schools and new developments, as well as the fair market value for the homes you’re considering. Doing this will help alleviate any uncertainties or stress, and make the buying process much more efficient.
  5. Get credit ready
    Buying a home may be one of the largest financial decisions you’ll ever make. Be prepared. Get a copy of your current credit report, identify any discrepancies, and get them fixed — if possible — before you talk to a lender. You can also look up your credit score ahead of time for free from Credit Karma.
  6. Hit pause on any large credit card purchases
    Avoid taking out any loans or adding significant debt to credit lines before you try to purchase a home. Large purchases, such as a car loan or lease, may impact your debt-to-income ratio. Changes to this number may affect your ability to qualify for the loan amount you require.
  7. Meet with a Lender
    This is one of the most important steps: meet with a lender to get a mortgage loan. You can’t really buy a home without one (unless you purchase it outright!) Borrowers with a high credit score (720+) can shop around for the lowest interest rate, and get a conventional loan. Those with lower credit scores (640-) may have a higher interest rate on their loan due to the larger liability for the lender, but there are still many great options available. We recommend contacting Scott Groves for a trust-worthy, well-experienced lender to help you.
  8. Demand full disclosure and a professional home inspection.
    Now you’ve found a home you’re interested in, it’s important you demand full disclosure from the seller. While most states require the home seller to disclose any potential problems with the property, they may not always know or reveal existing structural problems.The only way to truly know what’s going on inside a home’s structure is to secure the services of a reputable home inspector. Expect to pay $300-600 for the inspection. It seems steep, but consider the thousands it could save you if the home isn’t up to code or has major issues.
  9. Get it down in writing
    The best way to truly protect yourself legally is to get every detail of the sale in writing. Also it’s important you understand every aspect of the commitment–learn your real estate terminology and asks lots of questions before signing the agreement.
  10. Purchase homeowners insurance
    Once you’ve made sure the title is clear and there are no problems with you taking on ownership, make sure to purchase homeowner’s insurance. Shop around at least 3 insurance companies, and make sure you’re not just getting the best price, but also the best value and coverage.Now you know the Top 10 Tips every First-time Home Buyer should know.  Now get out there and start shopping for your new home!
    Original content provided by HGTV and Housing Wire.


Every week, we welcome on-screen Mom characters and families into our living rooms, as we religiously watch our favorite sitcom on TV. We become so familiar with these families and their houses it almost feels like they’re our friends or even next-door neighbors. Have you ever wondered what it would actually cost for you to LIVE in one of these TV Mom’s houses or neighborhoods?

Well our friends over at Trulia wondered just that, and created a super fun infographic to give you an idea of how much it would cost to live in one of these famous homes. Not a surprise that half of these houses are in Los Angeles–including Mrs Brady’s from “The Brady Bunch” and Mrs Dunphy’s from “Modern Family”!



Want to know what the LA based TV homes look like in real life? We did some digging…


The Brady Bunch Home in North Hollywood.

The Bradey Bunch House

The Modern Family Home in West LA.

Modern Family Home

And the biggest/most expensive for last (5.8M!)…The O.C. Mansion in Malibu.

The O.C. House

To find the full article on Trulia’s site, click here!