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Rent now, buy later? Check out our rental website for great places available across the LA area!

We’ve been doing this for over 10 years, so check out, and find out for yourself why renters love us!

  • “What I love about The Rental Girl is how they compile their listings by area, show detailed pictures, list all the features of a place and even provide a video walk through so you don’t waste your time actually going to the place to see it. The best part is you can set up appointments to see the property online and they email you confirmations. It’s so easy and efficient.”-Valerie S., Yelp
  • “I’m really grateful to have used their service! My apartment is so charming and wonderful compared to all the cookie cutter jail cell studio apartments out there.”-Melanie B., Yelp
  • “I’ve checked out The Rental Girl website off and on for the past couple years looking for the right place. I finally found it in Atwater Village. The whole process was very easy and streamlined.”-Angie D., Yelp
  • “Not only were the listings on this site wonderful and full of character but they were within our price range! The site is easy to use with a whole lot of character.”-Mauricio F., Yelp

Buying for the first time? We want to make it easy for you! Attend one of our quarterly First-Time Home Buyer Seminars.

Shoot us an email to sign up for the next seminar! Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Step-by-step info about purchasing your first home
  • The pre-approval process
  • Making the offer
  • Getting the proper inspections
  • All about the paperwork
  • Understanding the closing process

Meet our preferred lender!


Scott Groves, from Movement Mortgage, is one of our favorite lenders to work with. Here’s why:

  • Scott and Movement Mortgage are pioneering a new approach to home loans: Approval before entering escrow. No more headaches with funding during the escrow process, you can now get approved before you sign the offer!
  • For over a decade Scott has been providing quality mortgage products to his clients.  By fostering close relationships with real estate agents, buyers, and sellers – Scott has built a career out of providing exceptional service from application to closing.  His business philosophy has always been a simple creed: Do the right thing for the client.  Helping clients find mortgage solutions that meet their long-term financial needs is his primary focus.
  • Strong core values like honesty and integrity have allowed him to thrive in the current lending environment.
  • Scott has received awards from multiple banks for loan production, customer satisfaction, and exemplary audit reviews.  He currently serves as the branch manager and top producing loan officer for the Los Angeles area branch of Movement Mortgage.
  • He has a ton of 5-star reviews on Yelp!

Renters! Check out our blog,

Our blog will keep you updated on all things real estate. From renting to buying, we’ve got you covered.

  • Info to help you decide what neighborhood is right for you
  • Listings for first-time home buyers
  • Advice for renters and buyers
  • Post about lenders

About Us

TRG Realty Company & The Rental Girl is full service real estate firm specializing in Leasing and Sales. We have neighborhood branches throughout Los Angeles, California. Each branch is operated by a unique individual California Licensed Real Estate agent. We have apartments and homes for rent in all the great Los Angeles neighborhoods including South Bay, Marina del Rey, Venice, Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Hollywood Hills, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Atwater Village, Echo Park, Downtown, Eagle Rock, Mt. Washington, Pasadena, South Pasadena, San Gabriel Valley, The Valley, Burbank, Glendale, Studio City and more. If you do not see anything you like, you can join our VIP list for free and we will notify you when we get new apartment and home listings in your area.

This time we will help you rent. And next time, we will help you buy. Have you thought about buying a home? Maybe an investment property? Maybe you are wondering what you need to do to start preparing? Save money, re-structure your finances, improve you credit? Here at The Rental Girl we will educate you, motivate you and guide you through the renter-to-buyer transition process. It’s an exciting process and we’re here to guide you along the way. The Rental Girl is here to empower renters. Whether we are walking you through the leasing process, educating you on the application and then explaining the details of a lease, or giving you the tools to start preparing to become a first time home buyer, we are here to serve YOU.

Serving happy Landlords, grateful Renters and elated Home Buyers since 2002.

    Meet the Team

    We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do whatever it takes to help you buy, sell or lease!

    Ellie Balderrama

    Ellie Balderrama

    Los Feliz, Silver Lake & Atwater Village

    Ellie’s creative flair and functional touch shows landlords and tenants how to get the best experience possible from their properties. Her career was birthed in fashion design. The skill is evident in how she uses little things like hardware and lighting to create appealing effects for dwellings in Los Feliz, Silverlake and Atwater Village. Since she began with The Rental Girl in 2008, Ellie excels at matching the right place with the best tenant. The entertainment and outdoor lifestyle in Ellie’s area fits with the comedy classes she takes, an occasional wine tasting she enjoys, and hikes in Griffith Park.

    Ellie Balderama, Realtor
    323-308-5688 Tel |
    BRE Lic. #: 01874022

    Elizabeth McDonald

    Elizabeth McDonald


    As the Owner/Broker of TRG Realty and The Rental Girl, Liz has always enjoyed the challenge of creating new business opportunities and interfacing with clients. When she started The Rental Girl over 10 years ago, she was already THE rental girl, as in when other agents saw her on the street, they‘d say, "Hey, you’re that rental girl!" And the name stuck. Now, 10 years later, with The Rental Girl thriving, Liz‘s focus is on TRG Realty -- helping buyers and sellers --and "matching the right buyer to the right property." Liz also loves design and likes helping sellers put their home’s best foot forward.

    Elizabeth McDonald, Broker
    323-313-5780 Tel |
    BRE Lic. #:01449897

    Alexis Hilton

    Alexis Hilton

    Koreatown, Larchmont, Mid-City, Miracle Mile

    Every day is a discovery for Alexis who thrives on the mix of people she helps in mid-Wilshire. A lover of ballet and acting, Alexis got her real estate career rolling in New York in 2005, yet traveled cross-country and found her home in Koreatown. Coffee shops and a movie theater tucked behind buildings most people would pass by add to the urban mystique that Alexis loves. Her friends “are floored” when they experience the quality of life in her neighborhoods. Alexis is a problem solver and resource for buyers, tenants and property owners. She took initiative to approach The Rental Girl for a career in 2011 and says the supportive ethos benefits everyone.

    Alexis Hilton, Realtor
    (323) 868-5776Tel |
    BRE Lic. #: 01924865

    Paula Orr

    Paula Orr

    Hollywood, West Hollywood, Hollywood Hills

    Paula fell in love with The Rental Girl while living on the East Coast. She moved from NYC to a leafy quiet neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills in 2007, and joined the girls in 2010. Her passion is to help people overcome their real estate obstacles. She specializes in delicate sales and rentals. From probate to divorce listings to hectic relocation from the East Coast and beyond, her thoughtful manner and tenacity puts her clients at ease. Her clients know that they are in good hands.

    Paula Orr, Realtor
    323-363-4942 Tel |
    BRE Lic. #: 01890184

    Maria Norris

    Maria Norris


    Maria’s creative expression takes shape through the household projects she has tackled ranging from painting to carpentry and gardening. She loves to chill in the ocean breezes covering the Westside. This one-time public high school English teacher began her real estate journey when she and her then-fiance chose to invest in a new home. She earned her license and immersed herself in The Rental Girl vibe in 2011 by assisting Ellie around Los Feliz. Residential leasing appeals to Maria’s passion for creating an aesthetically pleasing abode in an area she adores. The tiniest bachelor studio to the most expansive is a delight to show. Like she says, “What’s NOT to love about the Westside?”

    Maria Norris, Realtor
    (310) 293-7298 Tel |
    Invest BRE Lic. #: 175523462

    Bobby Rodriguez

    Bobby Rodriguez


    Drawing from his more than 15 years experience as a Real Estate Appraiser in both LA and NYC, Bobby understands the real estate market trends and carefully analyzes data to help his clients find the right neighborhood and list at the right price. Whether it be working with an investor with a bottom line, a first-time home buyer, or a seller, Bobby‘s appraisal background gives him a unique and qualified perspective that can benefit anyone he takes on. Bobby "looks at the market in a way most other real estate agents don’t" and his clients benefit. He loves working on the Eastside, and really enjoys "the charm and versatility" it has to offer.

    Bobby Rodriguez, Realtor
    323-377-4067 Tel |
    BRE Lic. #:01939553

    Zaya Tserendondov

    Zaya Tserendondov

    Echo Park, Downtown, North East L.A.

    Zaya is a real estate solutions provider schooled in the charm of Eagle Rock, Echo Park, and Highland Park. Her work in Information Technology sharpened her analytical strengths and her people skills shine for landlords needing help in locating the perfect tenant. She knows housing is among someone’s most expensive investments and says, “I enjoy being part of the purchasing/leasing process.” Zaya added her dynamism to The Rental Girl in 2009 and her energy meshes with the area. “I was lucky to get active in my territory. I love the company, my colleagues, and the value we provide to the renters and homeowners.” She’s well-read and finds hiking and travel among the sparks that light her up.

    Zaya Tserendondov, Realtor
    213-454-6422 Tel |
    BRE Lic. #: 01902023

    Lindsey Long

    Lindsey Long

    The South Bay

    A New Jersey native who first set her sights on film production, Lindsey was “shocked” when she discovered how much she loved real estate. She worked as a call capture agent for a bank dealing in REO properties and interacted with callers nationwide. Lindsey followed her passion to TRG Realty in 2010. Her work and lifestyle that includes biking and paddle boarding is rooted in Hermosa Beach and the South Bay. “I can’t imagine living anywhere else.”

    Lindsey Long, Realtor
    424-247-4318 Tel |
    BRE Lic. #:01872400

    Missy Hayduk

    Missy Hayduk

    Hollywood, West Hollywood, Hollywood Hills

    Traipsing with parents to open houses gets boring for an 8 year old, but Missy’s childhood experience in Atlanta was put to use in college when she needed to find an apartment in Manhattan. Her search for the perfect living space when she later moved to Hollywood led her to TRG Realty in 2013. Her “innate ability to make people feel comfortable” is an asset for real estate clients seeking the charm of early to mid-20th century living from Beverly Hills to the Hollywood Hills. Missy matches the upside of dwellings with the personal needs of buyers. Got a house with ample closet space, close to fashionable shopping? That’s Missy’s clue to find the perfect match.

    Missy Hayduk, Realtor
    (323) 243-5753 Tel |
    BRE Lic. #: 01944383

    Julie Serber

    Julie Serber

    The Valley

    Helping friends find the right apartment was a passion for Julie, who has lifelong ties to the San Fernando Valley. She honed her people skills working with clients as an Account Manager in the advertising niche of film and television prior to joining The Rental Girl in 2013. Real estate isn’t just a transactional business for her. Julie constantly generates new ideas on how to decorate a home as a personal sanctuary and helps welcome the qualified renters attracted to The Rental Girl brand. Her talents include singing opera and some voice-over work, and Julie has fostered dogs for Dogs without Borders. You might spot her strolling her pups along the tree-lined streets of Sherman Oaks, a place she enjoys for its proximity to all of LA.

    Julie Serber, Realtor
    (818) 724-9195 Tel |
    BRE Lic. #: 01947946

    What others say about our team:

    Ellie Balderrama

    “Ellie is a diamond in the rough!” … “Extremely organized” … “I was so impressed” … “Ellie is a total gem of a broker” … “Ellie was great, super enthusiastic and helpful, responsive and professional” … “I would highly recommend Ellie” … “Ellie was professional, efficient, and a pleasure to work with” … ”Ellie was great!” … ”Ellie was wonderful!” … “She is super nice and enthusiastic and occasionally busts into party “woos” … “I would highly recommend Ellie” …  ”Ellie – such a sweetheart but very down-to-earth, professional, and very thorough!” … “Ellie and her team are as good as they get. They know the area you are looking for and the market inside out” … “She helped me find my dream home. Ellie is no ordinary agent. She really listens and she really cares” … “Ellie was efficient, professional, and a pleasure to work with” … “WE LOVE ELLIE. She helped us find our perfect house” … ”I cannot say enough great things about ELLIE!” … “Her professionalism is unmatched” … ”Ellie was a pleasure to work with” … “I highly recommend Ellie who specializes in the Silver Lake, Los Feliz and Atwater Village areas.”

    Ellie BalderramaRealtor, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Atwater Village
    Lindsey Long

    “I really enjoyed working with Lindsey. She is professional and extremely hard working” …  ”Lindsey is outstanding” … “”Lindsey is the best agent I have ever worked with” … “Lindsey goes way above the call of duty” … “Lindsey provided a very professional service” … “Excellent service! Professional and personal care. Efficient and reliable communication and easy to work with.Thanks Lindsey!” … “ She worked tirelessly and relentlessly to get the job done” … “ Lindsey really went over and above and beyond our expectations” … “Lindsey was wonderful to work with and so professional” … “Lindsey was responsive, prompt and a pleasure to work with! She was always professional and willing to address any concerns that came about” … “Lindsey was very nice, helpful, and professional” … “I really enjoyed working with Lindsey. She is professional and extremely hard working” … “Lindsey was friendly, professional and thorough” … “Lindsey did an outstanding job for us” … “Lindsey is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to buy” … “Lindsey was outstanding in using all the current technological tools that are available” … “Lindsey is the best agent I have ever worked with. Lindsey goes way above the call of duty for all concerned” … “Lindsey made the process so simple and easy, and she was incredibly sweet and professional” … ”Lindsey provided a very professional service” … “She was very professional, always helpful and made the process from start to finish a breeze” … “I had a very pleasant experience with Lindsey and would recommend her to anyone looking to buy in the Southbay” … “I simply cannot put into words how wonderful my experience with this Lindsey has been” … “I give Lindsey a huge two thumbs UP!!!!” … “I worked with Lindsey, and I couldn’t have been happier with her.”

    Lindsey LongThe South Bay
    Zaya TserenDondov

    “Zaya is incredible! We really appreciated all she did for us” … “It was a pleasure to work with Zaya, who guided us through the whole process. She is very professional and a joy to work with” … “Zaya is wonderful! She went above and beyond to get us into our dream house! Friendly and professional.. I would definitely recommend to everyone!” … “I had a great experience working with Zaya. Zaya is extremely professional, punctual, communicative and also very friendly and pleasant! I would recommend her without hesitation!” … “Zaya is awesome” … “Her friendliness and great attitude are eclipsed only by her knowledge of real estate and professional abilities. Contact Zaya. She won’t let you down” … “Zaya is down to earth, lovely, and really good at what she does” … “From start to finish, our experience with Zaya was really positive. She was cheerful and reliable, very professional” … “I highly recommend Zaya for prompt, friendly service, patience and an all-around cool vibe. She puts a lot of care into what she is doing, for sure. Thanks a ton!” … “Zaya was extremely helpful” … “I loved working with Zaya. I had been looking for the home in the right neighborhood, the right size, and the right price. Zaya helped me find all three. She was thorough, kind, and gracious, and it was a pleasure working with her” … “Zaya was friendly, understanding and professional” … “VIP service with a smile, how sweet is that?” … “It was a breath of fresh air to work with Zaya. She is thorough and very professional” … “I have put my trust into  Zaya with much confidence and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home. What a pleasure doing business with Zaya” … “Working with Zaya was the best!” … “Zaya was phenomenal” … “From the very first moment we made contact with our Zaya, I knew we were in good hands. She was professional, courteous and knowledgeable about the market. Her advice was spot on and her expertise was instrumental” … “I’m very grateful to have had Zaya’s help. I would highly recommend Zaya” … “I would highly recommend Zaya. Zaya is very professional and easy to work with” … “Zaya is a true professional and was a pleasure to work with”

    Zaya TserenDondovRealtor, Echo Park, Downtown, North East Los Angeles
    Jen Berg

    “We can say without qualification that Jen presents herself with the highest degree of professionalism, knowledge of the industry, and demonstrates a keen awareness of the current market” … “We would recommend Jen to anyone” … “Jen is very professional, honest, efficient, and dependable” … “Jen is just my cup of tea” … “Jen was very professional” … “Our experience with Jen was a gratifying one. We have recommended her to family and friends” … “It was a pleasure working with Jen” … “Jen is an embodiment of professionalism, high energy, highly motivated, knows how to get the desired results and possesses an awesome work ethic” … “Anyone who lives in the San Gabriel Valley would be prudent and fortunate to have Jen represent them” … “I highly recommend Jen!” … “Jen was awesome” … “Her honesty was refreshing. A very positive experience. Recommend!”

    Jen BergPasadena, South Pasadena, Altadena and San Gabriel
    Paula Orr

    “She is fantastic!” … ”I got a chance to work with Paula, and she was absolutely fantastic” … “I highly recommend Paula” … “It was a pleasure working with Paula” … ”I love my new place and highly recommend Paula” … “I HIGHLY recommend  Paula” … ”I recommend Paula unreservedly” …”Paula was amazing!” …  ”Paula was always very friendly, totally cordial and pleasant, and extremely professional” … “I highly command Paula” … “She is a terrific asset to the company and to all fortunate enough to cross her path” … “She is very pleasant and easy to communicate with” … ”Paula rocked!”

    Paula OrrHollywood, Hollywood Hills, West Hollywood
    Maria Norris

     ”Maria was so quick with everything and made it all so easy.” … ”Really a fantastic experience.” … “Very knowledgeable about our property, and always quick to respond to any questions. ” … ”A really easy experience.” … “We just rented a place through The Rental Girl, and it was a great experience!” …  ”Maria answered all my questions and helped me give my future landlord everything they would need in order to accept my application.” … ”I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Maria!” 

    Maria NorrisWestside
    Alexis Hilton

    “Always love the great service, professionalism & the ability to get the job done smoothly, swiftly & sweetly.” …  “If she were a movie she’d be a ‘2 Thumbs up.'” … “Wow! Great job Alexis!” … “On a scale of 1 to 10 she tops the chart.” … “Alexis was my agent for the last 2 rentals and let’s just say if she were a restaurant she’d be a ‘5-Star.'” … ” Alexis is fantastic and exceeded my expectations.” … “She is extremely detail oriented, incredibly smart and very charming.” … “Her no-nonsense positivity kept my stress level way down. ” … “I will definitely be using [Alexis] again.” … “Alexis is wonderful.” … “It is a relief to be able to hand this responsibility over to someone whom we trust. We are very happy with her.” … “She is so great, we recommended The Rental Girl to a friend who now uses the service.”

    Alexis HiltonKoreatown, Larchmont, Mid-City, Miracle Mile